Zoho One
Is a powerful application that can run all your software in one place keeping you connected to your office not matter where you are.
With more than forty integrated applications and complimentary mobile apps.  this product basically lets you run your entire business through one helpful and organized suite.

If your company has a helpdesk you will know how complex and information overloaded the helpdesk applications can get.
Front is really simple to use and integrates with main stream social media as the application is as easy to use as an email account.
New agents can start working almost immediate with little to no training at all, if someone can use an email account they can use Front.

For all your HR needs this simple to use and maintain application is a must.
With integrations on the Internet to manage and source candidates, being an online application means that HR teams are connected to each other through the cloud base.
It manages interviews, evaluations, scores new candidates with it many variables depending on what the company sees as needed credentials for a position.

Keep your projects and teams in one place and manage them from anywhere in the world.
Slack keeps a record of conversations if you need it too as most of the team’s meetings, etc. are done online and organized by channels.
It also integrates with most of the major applications allowing for powerful reporting and information collation.