The top 5 Fortune 500 companies of 2017

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What is a Fortune 500 company?

A list of the world biggest companies with the highest turnovers, employing the most people and expanding the globe.
This is a list that is compiled annually by Fortune magazine which includes both public and private held companies mainly hailing from the United States.

Top 5 Fortune 500 companies of 2017

#1 Walmart

This giant big-box retailer has been doing a huge push to accelerate the ecommerce sector and as such has acquired a few digital outlets such as ShoeBuy, Moosejaw and ModCloth.
Walmart ended its year with a 0.8% one-year Revenue change and a whopping $485.9 billion Revenue.

#2 Berkshire Hathaway

This holding company saw the year out rising in the Fortune 500 ranks from number to number 2 on the list.  With a $223.5 billion Revenue and 6.1% one-year Revenue change.
The CEO purchased shares in an airline and bought 1.1% shares in Apple which have seemed to paid off for this company.

#3 Apple

Apple came in on the list at number 3 with a -7.7% one-year Revenue change and a Revenue of $215.6 billion.
Apple has taken a knock against the cheaper made phones from China but even with a slump the company managed to end its year boasting profits higher than most companies on the list.

#4 Exxon Mobile

They have slipped down the ranking from number 2 with a one-year Revenue change of -16.7% and a 2016 Revenue of $205 billion.
This energy giant took a knock from the global oil slump making it slide down the rankings to the lowest it has been since 1999.

#5 McKesson

They are ranked at number five on the Fortune 500 list for 2017 with a Revenue for 2016 of $192 Billion, their one-year revenue change was 6.2%
McKesson is America’s largest pharmaceuticals distribution company who in a bid to keep drug costs down cut their workforce by 4%.